Cakephp 4 Authorization – Tutorial

Cakephp 4 Authorization, how to create a secure application protecting zones with the use of access policies Cakephp 4 Authorization First we will install the corresponding package with composer composer require “cakephp/authorization:^2.0” Then we proceed to add the corresponding code, we import each of the classes use Authorization\AuthorizationService; use Authorization\AuthorizationServiceInterface; use Authorization\AuthorizationServiceProviderInterface; use Authorization\Middleware\AuthorizationMiddleware; use … Read more

CakePHP 4 Authentication – Tutorial

CakePHP 4 Authentication tutorial, we will learn a way to use this plugin, how to install and configure it in our applications CakePHP 4 Authentication – Plugin We will start this tutorial by installing the package with composer composer require “cakephp/authentication:^2.0” Once the package is installed we proceed to add the codes in the relevant … Read more