CodeIgniter 4 Error Handling

CodeIgniter 4 Error Handling , we will see the set of exceptions and error logging that we can use in the framework codeigniter Configuration exceptions throw new \CodeIgniter\Exceptions\ConfigException(); :  When using this exception in our application, it shows us the message CodeIgniter\Exceptions\ConfigException , use code 3 Database Exceptions throw new \CodeIgniter\Database\Exceptions\DatabaseException(); :  When using this exception in … Read more

CodeIgniter 4 Authentication – Create a Login

In this article we will see how to create authentication in codeigniter 4 and how to implement the models (models), we will create a small custom access system. How to create custom authentication in Codeigniter 4? First it is necessary to create a controller called login, if you do not know the basic concepts of … Read more

Codeigniter 4 fpdf integration

Codeigniter 4 PDF Tutorial, generate pdfs with the integration of the FPDF library, using codeigniter version 4.1.8 FPDF Tutorial – Codeigniter 4 fpdf integration To follow this tutorial it is necessary to have php version 8 installed, first check your installed version php -v Because if you use a lower version of codeigniter than 4.1.6 … Read more

Laravel 10 log Tutorial

Laravel 10 log viewer, in this article we will see step by step the error log in an application with the Laravel framework Log Tutorial The first step in error logging is to add the class to our controller, so we add the following class use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Log; This would be the class that comes from … Read more

How to integrate OpenAI in Laravel?

How to integrate OpenAI in Laravel 10 with a practical example from scratch Integrate OpenAI in Laravel 10 The first step would be to create an account on the official openai website, then we install an sdk with composer, in this case we will use orhanerday/open-ai , we install the corresponding package in a terminal … Read more

PHP framework with the highest labor demand?

The biggest challenge when applying for a job offer after learning a framework is understanding if this tool will help us enter the current job market Demand in Freelance portals Let’s analyze the labor demand of each php-based framework on the upwork platform, today when using the integrated search engine of the platform, the laravel … Read more

How to hire expert laravel developer?

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How to Create Trigger Postgresql?

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How to Remove Index.php in Codeigniter?

How to remove the index.php in codeigniter in its versions 3 and 4 a step by step guide Remove index.php in codeigniter 4 First we will see how to remove the index.php in codeigniter 4, which is the latest updated version of the framework We go to the following route app/config/App.php , in this file … Read more

Symfony 6 Crash Course

Symfony 6 crash course, in this post we will see some options to learn symfony with tutorials Symfony 6 crash course – Resources symfony is a framework based on the model, view, controller, it is an advanced framework from which other frameworks have originated, before learning this framework it is necessary to have advanced knowledge … Read more