Laravel Youtube Channels

Laravel Youtube

Courses to learn laravel on youtube from scratch, set of tutorials in english, some of these instructors have courses on udemy

Laravel Youtube – Resources

We start with this set of resources to learn more about the laravel framework

Traversy Media

On his channel he presents us with a 2-hour course with a fairly complete agenda with version 8 of Laravel


  • Installing and setting up Laravel
  • Routes, views and layouts
  • Laravel Mix and Tailwind
  • Laravel Passport
  • Styling the layout
  • Running migrations
  • Registering users
  • Signing in after registration
  • Authenticated state
  • Logging in
  • Logging out
  • Middleware
  • Laravel Breeze
  • and much more

In this channel we can find another laravel course with a duration of 4 hours


  • What is Laravel?
  • Installing Laravel
  • First look at the project
  • Intro to php artisan
  • Generating login flow with make:auth
  • Setting Up the Front End with Node and NPM
  • Migrations and Setting Up SQLite
  • Designing the UI from Instagram
  • Adding Username to the Registration Flow
  • Creating the Profiles Controller
  • RESTful Resource Controller
  • Laravel React
  • Passing Data to the View
  • Adding the Profiles Mode, Migration and Table
  • Adding Eloquent Relationships
  • Fetching the Record From The Database
  • Adding Posts to the Database & Many To Many Relationship
  • Creating Through a Relationship
  • Uploading/Saving the Image to the Project
  • Resizing Images with Intervention Image PHP Library
  • Laravel Sanctum
  • and much more

Code With Dary

In his channel he presents us with another complete Laravel tutorial for beginners with a duration of 6 hours


  • Laravel Documentation
  • HTTP Responses In Routing
  • What is the .env file?
  • Composer Json & Lock file
  • Composer & Packagist
  • Controllers
  • Compiling assets [CSS & JS]
  • Factory Model
  • Query Builder
  • Laravel Collective
  • Introduction to Eloquent
  • Eloquent One To Many
  • Eloquent HasMany & HasOne
  • Eloquent Many To Many
  • Basic Artisan Commands
  • Eloquent Serialization
  • Laravel Storage
  • and much more

These were some resources to learn laravel on youtube from scratch and for free