Symfony 6 Crash Course

Symfony 6 crash course

Symfony 6 crash course, in this post we will see some options to learn symfony with tutorials

Symfony 6 crash course – Resources

symfony is a framework based on the model, view, controller, it is an advanced framework from which other frameworks have originated, before learning this framework it is necessary to have advanced knowledge in object-oriented programming

Symfony 6 Tutorial

The course/tutorial starts completely from scratch, where the ability to understand this framework and develop a web application will be obtained.

Symfony 6 Stripe SDK

You will learn to integrate the stripe payment gateway with the use of an sdk, to manage the set of clients in a web application, creating a subscription based application

Symfony 6 Authentication And Roles

It will be shown how to develop an application with access control and custom authentication without the use of external packages, examples will be shown with functions such as password_hash(), crypt() and password_verify(), in addition to learning how to configure a package with composer and using the bundles

Symfony 6 Reports

A way to generate reports in pdf, excel or csv format will be carried out in the project, something widely used in SaaS applications (Software as a service),In addition to how to print a report on the screen

Symfony 6 PostgreSQL And MySQL

Connect applications with mysql and postgresql databases and how to use an orm and query builder the query generator, these databases are easy to use with doctrine

Symfony 6 SPA Tutorial

In addition, you will learn to develop a RESTful API to be consumed with a framework such as vuejs, reactjs, angular, among others, in addition to learning how to use the API Platform Framework

Symfony 6 Deployment

Once the course is finished, you will have the ability to send your project to the web in a shared hosting (Hostinger, Hostgator), vps or some other resource, some examples are Cloud solutions providers A2 Hosting, Microsoft Azure