PHP framework with the highest labor demand?

Php framework with the highest labor demand?

The biggest challenge when applying for a job offer after learning a framework is understanding if this tool will help us enter the current job market

Demand in Freelance portals

Let’s analyze the labor demand of each php-based framework on the upwork platform, today when using the integrated search engine of the platform, the laravel framework has more than 1700 job offers, on the other hand the codeigniter framework has 300 offers, the symfony framework more than 100 offers, the cakephp framework more than 200 offers, the yii framework less than 100, after analyzing the statistics it can be concluded that the laravel framework has greater demand and opportunity to find a job as a freelance

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The demand in remote portals

Let’s analyze the linkedIn social network, where the laravel framework is in demand for remote jobs in various countries such as the United States, the symfony framework is in greater demand in European countries such as Spain and France, frameworks such as codeigniter, cakephp are mainly in demand in countries such as india and malaysia, yii framework is in demand in europe and asia

The learning curve

When starting to learn a framework it is necessary to evaluate its learning curve, the codeigniter framework is the ideal option to learn programming with php starting with version 3 and then continuing with version 4, then learning a framework like laravel which It is the leader in labor demand today, but to fully learn there are some things that should be known about other frameworks such as symfony or cakephp where we learn to deepen how to manage interfaces, investigate a little more in dependency injection with which You will have greater fluency and understanding of behind-the-scenes functionality when developing with Laravel.

The demand for learning

As we mentioned before, each framework is in greater demand in certain countries of the world, analyzing the statistics on the similarweb site, the laravel framework on its official website has an approximate number of monthly visitors of 5.1 million and among the top 5 countries are Indonesia, India , Vietnam, Germany, United States, continuing with the codeigniter framework has an approximate of 650 thousand monthly visits and among the first 5 countries are Indonesia, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Malawi, continuing with the symfony framework have an approximate number of visitors monthly of 1.1 million being the 5 main countries France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine here we can see that this framework is in demand mainly in Europe, the cakephp framework has approximately 250 thousand visitors per month, the first 5 countries being Japan, India, Argentina, Canada, United States here we notice a difference where the countries the Latinos learn this technology, the yii framework has approximately 300 thousand visitors and the first 5 countries are Russia, India, Poland, China, Brazil here we can see South American countries interested in learning this framework

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Conclusions: Each php framework fulfills the task in terms of performance and perform most basic operations such as CRUD, REST API, etc., but in terms of labor demand, the laravel framework is currently the leader

By analyzing these statistics we can conclude that the countries with the greatest hunger for knowledge in php and frameworks are countries with a greater number of inhabitants such as India, Indonesia, Malasia.