How to hire expert laravel developer?

hire expert laravel developer

In this article we will see How to hire expert laravel developer in 2023 and maximize profits in your company

How to hire expert laravel developer: Step by Step

The first step to hire a laravel developer is to validate their knowledge of this mvc framework, some linkedIn recruiters usually perform some tests to verify these skills.

  • Hexagonal Architecture: Some companies request this knowledge to continue in the selection process so we have to have knowledge in software architecture
  • Use Interfaces: Creating useful and reusable code is essential in any scalable application and avoiding unnecessary repetition
  • Views: Know how to use the blade template system and combine it with components and new style integrations such as Tailwind CSS, Inertia and Laravel Vite
  • Api Rest: Being able to create a service with the orm eloquent and knowing in detail how to relate many tables in its variants one to one, one to many, many to many, using tools such as postman to finally consume this service with the latest generation front-end frameworks like vue, react, angular using some library like axios
  • Massive information: The ideal candidate needs to know how to use the faker library combined with the factories to work with a lot of fake data in the back-end and perform the relevant tests
  • Security: Know widely about the best http status codes either 404, 401, 301, 500 to protect the url of the applications and know how to combine Laravel with packages like Sanctum, Breeze among others

Laravel developer for hire

Once the candidate has the necessary skills, we can mention some freelance portals, where we can hire our favorite developer, among which are.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Toptal

Always remember that hiring an expert in the area has a high cost, an hourly rate for an expert freelancer is around 50$ at least, in the case of wanting to hire an expert you can make a free consultation at our point of contact