Laravel Development Services

Laravel development services

The Laravel development services, is a service provided by an individual, whether freelance or agency for hours or milestones, in this article we will see this requested profile

Laravel development

Among the most requested services in web development, is the Laravel framework in its versions 5 to 9, taking as a reference the statistics on freelancer platforms such as upwork, the set of job offers amounts to 2000, on other work platforms per hour as a ziprecruiter the published offers exceed 2500

Most requested services

Among the most requested services, the following offers and skills stand out

  • Learn about laravel s3 / AWS Amazon
  • Have notions about laravel breeze 
  • Have notions about laravel sanctum
  • Install laravel on shared hosting or vps like heroku/digitalocean
  • Combine laravel with vuejs
  • Learn about alpinejs and Tailwind CSS
  • Knowledge in laravel vapor
  • Handling a terminal and ssh
  • Handling git commands with github,bitbucket or gitlab version controller
  • Have a notion of devops with docker containers

Developer strength

A developer must have the willpower to learn new technologies and specialize in a certain niche to seek the best results, whether in php, python, javascript or any other language of your choice.

Developer levels

When hiring or choosing a web development service, there are different levels in which the knowledge and years of experience of the programmers are cataloged

  • Junior Developer: It is the beginner level, this profile is characterized by having programming knowledge but makes many mistakes and needs the guidance of experienced people.
  • Semi Senior Developer: The next level of hierarchy, this profile usually handles different programming languages and frameworks, but does not develop clean code.
  • Senior Developer: They already have several years of experience in the industry and can create quality code on their own, usually specializing in one area either front-end or back-end
  • Full Stack Developer: The maximum level as a developer, in this profile he can already develop great applications on his own and has in his catalog a wide range of skills both with database and user interface