Laravel Course Options

Laravel Course

Laravel course from scratch in Spanish, in its versions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or soon to be released 10, 11, 12, we will see a set of blogs and platforms where you can learn the Laravel framework, the artisans’ framework.

Laravel Course – Youtube

We have a large number of resources on the web to learn laravel , in Spanish or English, below we will list a set of YouTube channels


A channel in Spanish and English where you will learn Laravel in its versions 7, 8, 9 and any php framework from scratch like Symfony 5, 6, CodeIgniter 3, 4, CakePHP 4, Yii 2 framework, Laminas MVC

Vida MRR – Diseño y desarrollo web

Channel that teaches laravel, frameworks based on javascript with react and angular


Another channel with the same theme, also teaches python and offers reviews on web development


Channel that makes courses in php and its frameworks, most of its teaching is based on performing CRUD

Coders Free

Another channel that only teaches mostly about laravel framework, and some about Tailwind, MySQL

Course/Tutorials Laravel – Blogs

We also have written material on blogs, where we can find tutorials from scratch in Laravel, analysis, recommendations, top frameworks, job offers and any topic on web development in general.

  • Offers a variety of tutorials from scratch in the laravel category
  • It offers articles on this topic and others in general
  • Articles and manuals from scratch on various topics in programming
  • Perform analysis based on the theme of this post, in addition to other areas based on php
  • Tutorials on laravel and other technologies like Apis integration

These were some of the many resources that we can find on the internet, from the official online documentation of the framework, courses in video format or written material based on tutorials.