Codeigniter 4 fpdf integration

Codeigniter 4 fpdf integration
Codeigniter 4 PDF Tutorial, generate pdfs with the integration of the FPDF library, using codeigniter version 4.1.8

FPDF Tutorial – Codeigniter 4 fpdf integration

To follow this tutorial it is necessary to have php version 8 installed, first check your installed version

php -v

Because if you use a lower version of codeigniter than 4.1.6 you will get the following error for incompatibility with php 8, strtolower(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated 

Codeigniter 4 fpdf integration
This is the error when using codeigniter version 4.1.5 with php 8.1, you can learn more about error handling in codeigniter 4

Codeigniter 4 fpdf integration2

It’s time to create a new project, we enter the following command

composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter pdf_tuto

Now we download the library fpdf  and copy the files to the following location nameProject/app/Libraries 

project browser
Now you need to add the namespace App\Libraries;  so that the class can be recognized


The next step is to automatically load the class for that add the path in the file nameProject/app/Config/Autoload.php , in the array, you can check this article Generate PDF in Codeigniter

public $classmap = [
"Fpdf" => APPPATH .'/Libraries/Fpdf.php'

Codeigniter 4 autoload

Now add the following configuration in the file .env , to work in a state of development

CI_ENVIRONMENT = development

We define a route for our new method

$routes->get('/pdf', 'Home::pdf');

Now we add the following code to generate our pdf

namespace App\Controllers;

use App\Libraries\Fpdf;

class Home extends BaseController
public function index()
return view('welcome_message');

public function pdf()

$this->pdf = new fpdf();



$this->pdf->SetTitle("OpenGisCRM Report Leads");

$this->pdf->SetFont('Arial', 'B', 9);


$this->pdf->Row(array('f name','l name','email'));


$this->pdf->Cell(40,5,'Total By Date:','TB',0,'L','1');
$this->pdf->Cell(40,5, date("d-m-y"),'B',0,'L',0);
$this->pdf->Cell(40,5,'By OpenGisCRM :','TB',0,'L','1');
$this->pdf->Cell(40,5, '','B',0,'L',0);

$this->pdf->Output("OpenGisCRM Report leads.pdf", 'D');


Codeigniter 4 librarie
We go to the associated route where we download the pdf and open it showing the result

Codeigniter 4 pdf

In addition to the fpdf library, there are other report libraries such as dompdf