Cakephp 4 Authorization – Tutorial

Cakephp 4 Authorization, how to create a secure application protecting zones with the use of access policies Cakephp 4 Authorization First we will install the corresponding package with composer composer require “cakephp/authorization:^2.0” Then we proceed to add the corresponding code, we import each of the classes use Authorization\AuthorizationService; use Authorization\AuthorizationServiceInterface; use Authorization\AuthorizationServiceProviderInterface; use Authorization\Middleware\AuthorizationMiddleware; use … Read more

CakePHP 4 Authentication – Tutorial

CakePHP 4 Authentication tutorial, we will learn a way to use this plugin, how to install and configure it in our applications CakePHP 4 Authentication – Plugin We will start this tutorial by installing the package with composer composer require “cakephp/authentication:^2.0” Once the package is installed we proceed to add the codes in the relevant … Read more

CodeIgniter 4 Authorization – Tutorial

CodeIgniter 4 Authorization tutorial in English, a way to create a custom middleware and protect zones of our application CodeIgniter 4 Roles and Privileges In this tutorial we are going to manage the roles and privileges, for two types of users called administrator and normal user, first we proceed to create the trait namespace App\Traits; … Read more

CodeIgniter Interview Questions and Answers

CodeIgniter interview questions and answers, in this article we will present a set of exercises to validate the knowledge of a developer in codeigniter in its versions 3 and 4 CodeIgniter 4 interview questions and answers CodeIgniter 4 is the latest version of this php framework, which has big changes in its architecture, which we … Read more

Laravel Faker – Tutorial

Laravel incorporates the faker library to work with test data in our database, in this article we will see how to use this resource Laravel Faker In its latest versions, Laravel already comes with this library, previously to install we had to do it as follows with composer composer require fzaninotto/faker Now when it comes … Read more

Laravel Youtube Channels

Courses to learn laravel on youtube from scratch, set of tutorials in english, some of these instructors have courses on udemy Laravel Youtube – Resources We start with this set of resources to learn more about the laravel framework Traversy Media On his channel he presents us with a 2-hour course with a fairly complete … Read more

Laravel Development Services

The Laravel development services, is a service provided by an individual, whether freelance or agency for hours or milestones, in this article we will see this requested profile Laravel development Among the most requested services in web development, is the Laravel framework in its versions 5 to 9, taking as a reference the statistics on … Read more

Laravel Amazon Ads API

Laravel 9 integrate Amazon Ads API, with the Amazon Advertising Sdk, a way to interact with amazon campaigns and products Laravel Amazon Ads API First it is necessary to install the sdk with composer, we will use the following command in a terminal composer require rovast/amazon-advertising-api-php-sdk Once the package is installed, it will be found … Read more

Laravel PostgreSQL – Tutorial

In this post we will see how to use Laravel with PostgreSQL, we will use the artisan command line and some instructions with PSQL Laravel PostgreSQL- Create Project The first thing we need is to create a project from scratch, let’s enter the following command composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel9_project Once the project is created we … Read more

Laravel Vs CodeIgniter

In this post we will make a comparison of Laravel Vs CodeIgniter, which of these two frameworks to choose when developing our project Laravel Framework Its learning curve is intermediate, it is not so easy to learn for someone who comes from learning pure php It has an ORM called eloquent which makes it easy … Read more